Northcore is offering a women's only, 30 Day Workout Challenge, at our gym in Shoreline.  We have experience personal trainers offering high level personal training, that is unmatched in the area.  

At our gym, we focus on an active lifestyle to create sustainable changes in your health.  Our aim is to help you gain energy, time, confidence, while losing weight and gaining strength.

Our women's challenge is a supportive group of strong powerful, dedicated moms and wives that are improving their lives through strength training, cardio, core work, nutrition and fun.


If fitness and health are a priority to you, sign up today for this kickstart and get back in shape today.

Our program is tuesday and thursday from 10-11am and for women only.  We are allowing up to 8 of the right women into this group.

We also offer other programs at different times and smaller more customized programs.