Supporting Adults Reach Their Fitness Goals

We aim to create a safe, friendly, supportive environment, that allows you to weave fitness and nutrition into a lifestyle.

Establish A Baseline & Set Goals

Create New Healthy Habits

Have Support and Accountability

Increase Your Energy & Quality of LIfe


There is so much information out there on workouts and nutrition.

It can be difficult to know what to do to reach your goals. 

The biggest difference maker in achieving your goals, is to have accountabiliy, guidance, and

a community that can support you in your health journey.

Northcore safely and effectively lead you on the path that will work for you, as an individual.

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We Offer 2 Programs

* Custom

* Group   


Custom Programs-

Specific to the individual client.

We will custom fit a program that meets your goals.

Individualized Programs that focus on you reaching your specific goal.

This program is great for people that may fit one or more of these specs:

1.  Have current or previous injury history, that requires specific programming.

2. Have a specific sport or activity that they are preparing for. (Running, Triathlete, volleyball, Skiing etc.)

3. Dont have alot of workout experience and need more in depth coaching.

4. Don't like group workouts and prefer to go at their own pace.

5.  Want expert hands on guidance to reach goals.

We can help you achieve:

  • Strength gains

  • Body Comp / Fat Loss

  • Teach you safe technique

  • Increase Endurance

  • Prepare For an Event

  • Increase Confidence

  • Gain Energy

  • Injury prevention

We analyze your movement, look for imbalances, discuss your goals, and then write you a custom program, based on these things.

We don't do cookie cutter programs.

You are unique and need a unique program.

We have extensive experience working with a wide range of clients,

from Weekend Warriors, Triathletes, runners, corporate execs, to stay at home moms.

We use many modalities to get results:

  • Free weights

  • Stability balls

  • Bands

  • Body Weight

  • Suspension Trainers

  • Weighted sled

  • Cardio sprints on machines

We understand the body and how to get what you RESULTS.


We Follow A 3 Step Process

Step 1 - Consultation

Step 2 - Movement Assessment

Step 3 - Customize You a Program



Our Custom Packages Include:

  • Customized - Semi Private Workouts

  • Free Access to our Group Workouts

  • Nutrition Guidance

  • Daily access to coaches - In person & Virtual

  • Accountability / Support

  • Opportunity to take life to new levels.

  • Flexible AM and PM - Self scheduling that can vary week to week, based on your schedule.

Pricing for our custom packages range from, $45-52, per session, depending on length of commitment.

Packages are sold in monthly time increments.


Group Classes

Large group class that focuses on body transformation, overall health, and gaining energy back into your life.

This is not a cardio class

We lift weights, do short burst intervals, mobility drills, and core work.

Our goal is to make you move and feel better,

not just to make you tired and exhausted.


Gain strength

Increase Energy

improve quality of life

Get Lean


Our Group classes involve:

  • Lifting weights

  • Metabolic Work

  • Core Training

  • Injury Prevention

  • Mobility

This promotes:

  • Fat Loss

  • Injury prevention

  • Lack of boredom

  • Hitting Plateaus

  • Increased Energy

  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass

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We will modify certain exercises to the individual.

Not everyone will be able to, or should do every exercise.

We have extensive experience working with clients of all levels, and can ensure safety and effectiveness in our programs.



Schedule Of Classes - Group Classes


Monday          6am,  6pm

Tuesday         6am,  6pm

Wednesday    6am

Thursday        6am, 6pm

Friday             6am,  6pm

Saturday         7am

Sunday           Closed


Womens Only

Monday           7pm

Tuesday           7pm

Wednesday     x

Thursday        7pm

Friday             9am,  7pm

Saturday         x

Sunday           Closed


We have packages that include:

2,3, and unlimited workouts per week. Pricing ranges from $149 -$249 / month.

Option to come to any class times during week. Mix and match times to fit your schedule on weekly basis.

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