Are You Living In Integrity?  

Do you do what you say?  

Do you do what you tell others to do.

Live how you know you should be?

This coaching program, is for elite men, that have lost their passion, purpose, and power.

It focuses on fitness, mindset, and teaches you skill sets that will help you transform all aspects of your life.

So, you can live with power, passion, and purpose again.

You know how to produce money,

But somewhere along the line, you have lost sight of everything else.

I can speak about this, because I was there a few years ago.

I was working myself into the ground. I had no energy to give to my family.

The weekends became my time to unplug from everything.

I would sedate with alcohol, phone, and TV to hide from the despair I felt creeping up inside me.

i began to go through the motions of life, without energy and fire for life.

My world came crashing down on my on night after a long day at work.

My wife and I sat on the coach,

I was checked out ignoring her and lost in my phone.

She looked at me and said,

 “I didn’t sign up for this life. What happened to the fun, energetic, inspiring man I married?”

This hit me like a ton of bricks, because it’s what I had been feeling for years, but just didn’t know how

to express it inside my head.

My initial reaction was to fight back, to defend myself from attack.

“Don’t you know how hard I’m working to provide for this family?”

I woke up the next day, looked in the mirror, and said “No More”

I realized that my role as a man goes beyond producing money.

What’s the point of making all this money, if my family and I are unfulfilled.

I decided to double down on myself and my family.

Because if I’m not in power, my family suffers.

If my family is suffering, what’s the point to all this work?

See, I realized that I am my number one asset, in my business and my life.

I had been neglecting my number one asset and expecting it to still produce.

As a man, I needed to lead my family.

Regain my strength and place as the head of the household.

Regaining power in your life starts with you investing in you.

Investing in your body and your mind.

I invested in one the best coaching programs for men I could find, and started transforming my life.

 Currently I am in the best shape of my life, at 40.

I trained and completed an Ironman Triathlon.  I lift weights 3 days a week.

 I meditate and schedule time for myself to process and create.

I learned a method to stop being the victim and take personal responsibility for my actions.

I got in touch with my spiritual side again,

which I didn’t realize was a huge missing piece in the puzzle of life and love.

I regained confidence and love for myself again.

I began a daily practice of living life by intention.

My relationship with my wife and daughter have reached new heights.

My marriage, sex life, and desire to live a life of purpose, are on fire.

You too can live this way.

When you can take care of your body and your mind, everything else in life starts to fall in place.

No amount of money can provide you a life of passion, purpose, love, and fulfillment.


I felt called to start a coaching program for high producing men in the seattle area, 

that have lost their way, outside of their career & businesses.

Men like you, that need and want to feel alive and in control again.

Men that want to live their life in full integrity.

Men that want to live in Power, and be a leader, in all areas of their life.

There is a different way to live.

I want to help guide you to discover how this will work for you.

I will help you get in the best shape of your life, and recover the truest version of yourself that has been

lost along the way.

I will teach you how to structure your life, love again, and communicate with your wife and kids on a new level. 

How to regain passion, purpose, and clarity in your life, starting with your body.

It’s all about balance. 

We all want to be in power and live a life of abundance.

Abundance in family, fitness, and personal happiness.


Now is your time to decide if you are ready to take the leap.

Are you ready to Invest in yourself?

Yes Or No?


If you are a YES…

Fill out this application

If I decide you are a good fit, we will schedule a phone call to discuss the specifics of our program.

Jeff Millet

Professional Strength Coach, Ironman, Mentor, Father, Husband, Warrior, Truth Seeker & Teller