Athlete Training

Northcore has been training professional, collegiate,

youth, and recreational athletes for 12 years.

We work with male and female athletes, of all ages.

Our goal is to prepare the athletes to compete at their best and to keep them healthy throughout the year.

Our Youth Programs Focus On:

Strength / Speed

Core development

Explosive Power

Verticle Jump work

Lateral Quickness

Injury Prevention


We offer customized programs based on the demands of your sport.

 Our focus is to develop you into the best athlete you can be, in a safe, motivating, and positive atmosphere.

Our Programs have been proven to produce results for high level athletes, year after year.

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   What You Get At Northcore

      Proven Programs

experienced coaches

    In Depth Movement Analysis

    A safe supportive environment

    Mobility & Postural Corrections

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Blake Snell, Tampa Bay Rays Pitcher. 2018 AL Cy Young Winner

Blake Snell, Tampa Bay Rays Pitcher. 2018 AL Cy Young Winner

If you are looking to hit your goals in the weight room, Northcore is the place to be. I have worked out for many years, but have never seen results like this before. I have seen my size and power increase dramatically. Jeff gives you his full attention and designs the workout to meet the specific needs of your body. I am in the best shape of my career and highly reccomend working out here.
— Steven Souza Jr, Arizona Diamondbacks Outfielder
I have been training with Northcore for over 4 years. As an age group triathlete, the strength training I get here, allows me to compete at a higher level, and remain more injury resistant. They know how to work around my training load, outside of the gym, to maximize my gains, while not sacrificing performance in other areas.
— Justin Elsner - Age Group Ironman Triathlete
Working out with Jeff at Northcore has prepared me physically better, than anything I have done in the past. I have seen huge increases in strength, speed, and explosiveness. The program targets my specific needs for baseball and helps me perform at the major league level.
— Brent Lillibrdge, 7 Year MLB player
Four years ago our son found out about a training facility called Northcore. It changed his way of playing sports for the better. He is dedicated more than ever, stronger mentally and physically and his bat speed has increased exponentially. Jeff Millet really knows how to connect with these kids. He has been a great mentor for our son and many others. Thanks Jeff for all you do for these kids!
— Leslie L
Training at Northcore was one of the best decisions i have made in a long time! Jeff was able to help me in all ways; cardio, strength, and power development. Working with him is amazing and i totally recommend this to not only softball girls, but any athlete trying to get better body awareness and understanding!
— Danielle Lawrie, University of Washington & Olympic Softball Player