Endurance Training

Cycling, running, and swimming each require an athlete to have a strong and stable core. Glute and Hip strength are also vital to power transfer and injury prevention.  Our endurance program focusses on strengthening and stabilizing the core, hips, and back to ensure proper posture and form while attacking your goals. Overall fitness and strength are addressed as well as increasing power and endurance.

Combining science and exercise to further your endurance.

Jeff has been my strength coach for many years. As an amateur, endurance athlete I have very demanding workout needs. My program must be specially tailored for optimizing swimming, biking, and running agility yet delivered in an effective and time efficient manner. Jeff is the strength coach that fits my needs perfectly. He has dramatically increased my strength while tailoring my workout program to my sports and body type. Jeff ensures that I perform the workouts properly, to prevent injury, and plans the workouts according to my competition schedule. His low stress, positive attitude drives me to become stronger while helping to build my mental toughness. I can’t imagine being coached by anyone else.
— Justin E