The Northwest's Premier Training Facility for Baseball Players.

Our elite baseball program is tailored to the specific demands and goals of a competitive baseball player. 

We start with a thorough assessment to identify areas for improvement. Shoulder and hip mobility are evaluated comprehensively and lay the foundation of our programs. 

Strength, speed, mobility, first step quickness, and power are all addressed. 


hip strength & power = Hit the ball with more force


Shoulder strength & mobility = increased velocity


Go into the season in peak condition and maximize your ability to compete at the highest level. 



In Season Workout Plan

We have created a video instructional product for In season training.  It comes with 3 core workouts, 2 strength workouts, a warmup, and activation video series.  Keep your strength and power during the season.  This program can also be used as a first phase, if you are new strength training.

What the Pro Athletes have to say about training at Northcore

snider bird dog.jpg
I have been working with Jeff for the past 8 off seasons. The Strength and Conditioning I have received from working with him, has helped me become leaner, stronger, and more powerful. Going into the season, I feel confident that my body will be at its peak and ready to perform.
— Travis Snider, Baltimore Oriels


Is Northcore A Good Fit For You?