Weight Loss

How To Lose Weight

One of the questions and goals that most adults have is about weight loss.

Losing weight really isn't very complicated.  It involves nutrition and daily exercise.  

But the main component is you, and your ability to have control of your mind. Your mind controls your actions and your habits.  

Most people are looking for this magic formula or system that will cure them of their poor habits.

The reality though, is that no system or magic plan can work, unless your mind is ready to fully commit to doing the work.  

There are many tools to utilize too.  You need a support system, a plan of attach, and a deep enough desire to change.  

Change is a scary thing.  Change implies risk.  Risk of failure or ridicule. We are conditioned to reduce risk. Our brains try to minimize risk, so we resist change.  

The basics of weight loss come down to eating real food, controlling the calorie intake, and sweating daily somehow for 20-60 minutes.  

Seems too easy to be true. But it proves to be very difficult for most people to do.  

You have to have the ability to say NO. No in social situations. No to that voice in your head that says, its ok to do be lazy, its ok to eat this. Its ok, because you worked hard and deserve a reward.  

Why do we reward ourselves with things that are unhealthy for us?  Seems counter intuitive, but we all do it.

I'm sure it has a lot to do with our society and the messages we learned as kids.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  We can change.

Start by changing one bad habit per week.  Every week or two, add a new change.  After a few months, you will have completed changed the way you operate.

If you need or want help changing habits related to health and fitness, reach out and connect with me.




#1 Way To Get Better


#1 Way To Get Better

Jeff Millet and steven souza jr discussing strength training for athletes. Surround yourself with high level people to elevate your life.


Making Changes For A Better You


Making Changes For A Better You


Change can sometimes be the only way to move closer to what you want.

By Jeff Millet


I am currently in Mission Viejo, California, getting ready to spend the weekend with John Spencer Ellis.  He is one of the top minds in the fitness industry and I am excited to learn more information on how to elevate Northcore, to a higher level.

Here at Northcore we are going through a few changes.  One of these, you may have noticed, is our logo. It is something that has been in the works for a few months and we have finally released it. Let me know what you think.

In life, business, and personal health, you must always protect your vision, of your ideal life. It may be your wealth, quality of life, position at work, health, and or happiness. Your vision of the ideal life must be constantly analyzed and re-evaluated.  

There will always be outside factors that challenge to change or derail your vision. You must surround yourself with people that help push you towards your vision and help you achieve your goals.

Sometimes change can be very difficult and scary. If you don't stand up for what you want, then no one else will.  Its up to you to decide what you want and then go for it.  

Set goals that seem just slightly out of reach, and maybe a little crazy. Invest in yourself by learning from others that have what you want.

My mission is to inspire, motive, and prepare athletes and active people to be confident, healthy, and prepared to conquer any adversity that stands in the way of their vision.  

I strive to accomplish this through using safe, effective, and proven programs that will build strong, confident, and powerful people.

Part of the process for me to accomplish my vision, is to lead by example.  By constantly learning new exercises, nutrition, and motivational information.  

By staying healthy and setting crazy goals, like competing in an Ironman triathlon. To show my clients that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

What is your vision? What do you want to accomplish?

If you feel like you need or want help in becoming the best version of yourself and that involves being healthy, strong, and confident, give me a call or respond to this email. I would love to help you shift back onto your path towards your vision.


We are dedicated to training athletes and active individuals in the edmonds, shoreline, mountlake terrace, and seattle area.  We focus on personal training, strength gains, building muscle, and getting lean. Our personal trainers are highly effective and personable.

Thanks for being apart of the Northcore Family.


Jeff Millet

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5 Tips To Gain Weight and Muscle


5 Tips To Gain Weight and Muscle


5 Tips for Gaining Muscle

By Jeff Millet

One of the biggest goals, of the male clients I work with, is to gain weight and muscle.

The #1 thing they need to do is increase caloric intake. 

You can achieve this by: 

  • Adding more calorie dense foods into your diet. 

  • Eat more often, 5-6 meals/snacks / day.

  • Increasing protein and healthy fat intake.

  • Increase daily intake by 4-500 calories

  • Lift Heavy weight, on a results proven program

This will add around 4 pounds/month.




When talking about eating habits with my clients, I find that most people either skip breakfast, or eat very little.  

Usually it consists of carbohydrates dense foods, like waffles, toast, and cereal etc.  

There is nothing wrong with someone that is trying to gain weight, eating these things.  But they need to add in more protein and fat calories to accompany the meal.

Add in calorie dense foods like avocados, nut butters, fish, meat, olive oil, nuts, and dried fruit. 

The other huge part of getting bigger and gaining weight, is lifting heavy weights ( resistance training).

If you follow a well designed training plan, and make these adjustments to your diet, you will start getting bigger...... and stronger.

Northcore has been providing clients in the shoreline, edmonds, mountlake terrace, and seattle area with proven results for 7 years. We provide training for athletes, as well as personal training, nutrition counseling for weight gain and loss.

We pride ourselves in being the best at what we do. 



If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to email or call me.


Fall Training - For Baseball & Softball


Fall Training - For Baseball & Softball

Its that time of year again.  The leaves are starting to turn, its dark when i wake up, and school is back in session.

This time of year signals to me that my schedule in the gym will change and that baseball and softball players will begin their push to get ready for next season.

During the off season, athletes should be doing two things.

1.  Skills training ; working on mechanics and technique

2. Increasing speed, strength, and power.

A lot of youth athletes are highly focussed on getting exposure, by going to every camp and tournament they can find.  Trying to get noticed by coaches and scouts.

Strength training is the one thing that will set an athlete apart from their peers.  It is what gets you noticed.  You need to stand out from the rest.

College coaches are looking for strong, fast,  and powerful kids, that look, move, and perform like they belong at the next level.

Yes you should go to tournaments to get exposure.  But make sure you do the work, so coaches will notice you.  

Hit with power that you developed all winter long, throw with more velocity, and stay on the field longer by reducing your risk of injury.

Its no surprise to me that most of the athletes we work with for a prolonged range of time, go on to play at the next level.  The kids that do the work learn excellent habits, gain confidence, and get noticed on the field.

If you haven't started your off season training program.  Now is a great time to switch gears and head into the fall with a program in place that will make you a better athlete.

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