The goal of each training session or workout, shouldn't be to become completely exhausted.

I’ve noticed a trend in the fitness Industry over the last 5 years.

💥The idea that, it’s not a good workout unless you fall to the ground in a heaping pile of sweat at the end of each workout.

💥 As a society, when it comes to fitness and nutrition, it seems we tend to be all in - or all out. 

Crushing it ▶️ or doing nothing

💥 The trend is to smash yourself with all out intervals, trying to keep your heart rate higher than anyone else. 

Or to lift heavy weights as fast as you can to beat the guy next to you, because you want to win. With no regard to form or technique.

💥 As personal trainer and coach, that has been working in this industry for 15 years, I think this is craziness. Because I know what happens after a month or two of doing this.... Injury and or burnout. Then a month or two of recovery. Then Right back at it. It is a cycle that goes round and round. There is a better method though.

🔥 I believe in a more sustainable approach. Work hard but still have gas in the tank to go home and be present with loved ones, get good sleep, be productive at work, and be back day after week, after month. 

You get stronger as you recover. If you drain the tank every workout.... you are screwed.

🔥 You should leave the workout feeling better and more energized.

💥This is how you get sustained results.

🔥There is no such thing as a quick fix, get fit fast.

🔥Long term health is built by steady, Low injury incidence, consistency, and not going balls out every workout.

🔥Yes, a prescribed, well timed, kick ass workout is in order sometimes. But not every single day. It’s just not a smart approach.

🙌Think long term: 

It’s a marathon, not a 40 yard dash. 

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