Nutrition - Supplements For Optimal Health

   By Jeff & Kara Millet

There are tons of different supplements out there on the market.

The truth is, that most of them, don't really don't do a whole lot for you, except make your bank account smaller.

The best source of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients comes from real food. 

But that doesn't mean people will always eat all the right things, to get what their body needs.

Sometimes supplementing your diet in certain areas, can be very beneficial.

But knowing what to take can be tricky.  

What do you need for your body and mind to function properly?

Today we wanted to dive deeper into this, and let you know some of the things we use to stay healthy.


The modern day soil, and the food that is grown in it, isn't what it used to be 100 years ago.

This is especially true, when it comes to minerals, like iron, copper, and magnesium.

A lot of people have been tested and told that they have low Iron levels.

But this is simply a test of the Iron in the blood stream.

Iron can get stuck in free form, in the tissues.

When this happens, it causes inflammation, that can lead to many diseases and problems.  

This free iron in the tissue, will start to eat up magnesium.

Magnesium is responsible for regulating nerve and muscle function, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, making protein, bone, and DNA.

So, if the free iron stuck in our tissue is eating our magnesium, we have a serious problem.

The Iron gets trapped in the tissue because of a lack of copper in the body.  

So, it may not be an iron deficiency issue, but a blood iron problem, that can be resolved by making sure there is proper copper in the body to allow Iron to move in and out of the tissue.

Making sure there is adequate copper in the system, will help regulate iron and save the magnesium from being destroyed.

Copper helps trigger an enzyme called  ferroxidase, that helps iron leave the tissue and get back to the blood stream, where it can continue to shuttle oxygen back to the tissue.

The problem is that there isn't a quality, usable copper pill to take.  

You must get copper from a bio-available source. (real food)

A balance of Iron, copper, and magnesium will help ensure a healthy body and immune system that can fight off and prevent disease.

Below are 3 of the supplements we use to help regulate and balance these three minerals.


Beef Liver


Beef liver is one of the most nutrient dense food items you can eat.  The problem is, that most people don't care for the taste. The best case scenario is to eat fresh, grass fed, organic beef liver once a week.

If this is just not something you can do, we recommend taking a supplement form. 2-4 capsules/ day will help you get alot of minerals and nutrients in.

Nutrient highlights of beef liver:

Copper, Zinc, selenium, iron, chromium, phosphorous, CoQ10

All the B vitamins, including B12 and folic acid

Essential fatty acids EPA, DHA, AA


Magnesium Glycinate


Magnesium is important for many reasons, as listed above in this post. 

This is the product we recommend to help balance out your minerals.


Bee Pollen


Bee Pollen is one of the richest and purest natural substances.

Pollen is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, lipids, and fatty acids.

B Vitamins

Vitamin C











It is also abundant in enzymes, carotenoids (that the body converts to Vit A) and bioflavonoids.

It also contains these amino acids

Arginine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methiionine, Pheylalamine, Threonine, Tryptophane, and Valine.

It has powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.

It helps lower inflammation, and boost the immune system.

As you can see, bee pollen is packed with tons of nutrients the body needs to function and be healthy.

We recommend that you find a local, all natural, organic source.

We like to melt it into hot tea, or blend it into a smoothie.

 It has a mild sweetness of honey to it, with a hint of a flowery taste.


I hope you learned something from this post that will help you live a happier healthier life.

If you have any questions, just send let us know.


If you have  questions about fitness, nutrition, training, and or health, just send us an email.  We would love to help you out.  If you live in the shoreline / edmonds area of washington, stop by our studio gym and say hi.

Live Healthy and Happy  

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