Magnesium, And Why You Need It

One of the biggest micro nutrients people have is magnesium.

This is essential, especially for people that are physically active.

This is one more reason to drink green smoothies. (Im a huge fan)

One of the best snacks you can eat after a workout or mid day

Is a green smoothie and a handful of almonds or pumpkin seeds.

Here is a list of the benefits of magnesium:

  • sleep aid
  • helps muscle cramps / spasms
  • fights inflammation
  • accelerates muscle recovery ( protein synthesis)
  • promotes balanced hormones ( testosterone, cortisol)
  • help metabolize carbs by its effect on insulin
  • calms central nervous system (can get fried from intense workouts.

So you can see how you wouldnt want to be running low on magnesium.

Having even small deficiencies, can have a dramatic decrease in athletic

performance and recovery. 

Most american are low in magnesium because of poor diet.

Before taking supplements, you should try to get your magnesium form

real food, like nuts and leafy greens.

It can be found in these foods 

Spinach    80mg

Pumpkin Seeds    532mg

Almonds    300mg

Rice - whole grain brown    110mg

Broccoli    30mg

Walnuts    158mg

Peanuts    183mg

When supplementing, use high quality chelates.

I like to use a Magnesium Glycinate supplement by Pure Encapsulations

Recovery is super important in any workout program, 

so make sure you are getting enough:

  • sleep
  • water
  • micro nutrients (magnesium) etc.
  • fuel- from real food


Feel free to share with anyone that you think could benefit from the message.

Dedicated to help you improve your lifestyle through mindset and fitness.


Jeff Millet
Northcore Performance Training