Why You Should Meditate. 

No, it doesn't mean you are a Buddhist, if you do.


Meditation has been more and more popular lately, for a reason, It works.

I grew up thinking that only Buddhist monks meditated. 

Or, if I meditated it meant I am not christian.

The fact is, that most people know so little about meditation and are afraid of it.

When we don't understand something, we are naturally afraid and put off by it.

But, recent studies, have been showing that meditating for even a period of one week, 

shows incredible increases in creativity and problem solving skills. 

Sounds pretty awesome to me. Why wouldn't I want to do that?

What meditation really is, is the ability and to create space to quiet the monkey mind, 

so you can listen to your inner voice. 

Some think this inner voice is God's way of talking to them, some don't.  

Either way, its your bodies way of quieting the endless noise and 

messaging we are getting from all angles, in our modern day society.  

Meditation allow us to be aware and focused on the present moment.  

It allows us to notice the feelings and thoughts as they come and go. 

It helps with stress relief, creative thinking and problem solving, 

and has tons of health benefits.

MRI scans have shown that with am 8 week mindfulness and meditation practice, the 

amygdala, the fight or flight center in the brain, begins to shrink.

This area of the brain is responsible for fear and emotion and the initiation of our

body's response to stress.

When we allow the brain to be quiet,  it allows our true self and voice to speak to us. 

There have been many studies done, showing the implications for athletes as well.

We all know that a body can only do what the brain allows it to do.  

Many sports, such as baseball, have a huge mental factor involved.  As you climb 

higher and higher into the ranks of the elite, your mind's ability to focus and control 

stress, become ever more important.  

Control the mind and control your flow state.

Your flow state is when you act without thinking.  Your body does what it should, 

based on the countless reps it has put in.  Your emotions are not in the way to alter 

your performance.

I have personally been practicing mindfulness and meditation regularly, for about 

6 months and have seen huge improvements in stress levels, ambition, and creativity.

There are a few methods I like to use to facilitate my meditation.

I use box breathing, which uses the counting of your inhales and exhales.  I like to 

count to four while I inhale, then count to four while I exhale.  Another one I will use 

sometimes, is to say a positive mantra in my mind, that takes about 4 seconds, hold my

breath for 4 seconds ( counting), exhale saying mantra, then 4 seconds hold (counting) 

with all my air exhaled. 

By giving your monkey mind something to focus on, (counting) it allows you to relax 

and stop using your brain to analyze everything, from what happened yesterday, to 

what may happen tomorrow. 

I also like to listen to an app. called Brainwave - 32 Binaural programs.  


It plays different frequencies into your headphones, that have been proven to light up 

different parts of the brain, to produce different states of mind.

They main thing to remember when meditating, is that you can't do it wrong.

When first starting this practice, I worried all the time if I was doing it "right".

Every day I experience something a little different.  

Some days I fall asleep

And that OK.  It's what my brain needed.  I like to give my brain what it needs.

Some days, no matter how hard I focus, I can not seem to block out my monkey mind 

and all the issues and problems it is trying to fix and process. But some days I can do 

this, and it is hugely beneficial.

So, my advice to you, is to just start doing it.  

Just start trying it.  Try different methods, places, and circumstances. 

Your body and brain will thank you.


Feel free to share with anyone that you think could benefit from the message.

Dedicated to help you improve your lifestyle through mindset and fitness.


Jeff Millet