I injured my leg yesterday, from doing something stupid. Something I tell my clients not to do.

I didn't use good judgement and did not ramp up properly inside my training.  

And surprise surprise, I injured my hip and quad.

This weekend, i decided to do a long run.  I set out to run 7 or so miles. This would be the

longest run for me in the last few months.  I have been running 1-2 days a week for 3-5 miles

and doing strength training 3 days a week.

Last year I was training for an Ironman Triathlon and would run 13 miles on monday, 7 miles on

wednesday and 3-5 miles on saturday.  So yesterday i set out to run 7 miles.  It would be only 2

miles farther than i had been doing consistently.  No big deal.  It would be a good progression.

But, as i reached the turn around for the 7 mile run, i thought to myself, I feel good, keep

going.  My brain said, you have done this 10 mile route so many times in the past.  You will be

fine to keep pushing and add in 3 more miles.

With 2 miles to my finish, my hip flexor, IT band, and hip joint all started to tighten up and

ache, on my right leg.  I hobbled my way the last 2 miles in extreme pain.  Of course i did not

walk though, because that would be weak and I am not a weak person.  (Poor logic i know)

As we age, we sometimes forget that we can not do, what we once did.  Weather it was last month, last year, or back in high school.  We throw out logic and forget that we need to have a plan.  You can't just jump in and start doing the workouts you "used to do."  

There needs to be a ramping phase, where you try something out, determine how your body responds, then ease into the next phase.

This is something i talk to new clients about often.  Our goal isn't to crush you on you first day. 

We are more interested in keeping you healthy, so that you can continue working out and in

turn reaching your goals.  If you are sidelined with an injury, your progress will be hindered.

And that is exactly why you are NOT here. 

So learn from my mistake.  Make sure you are on a proper formulated workout plan.  One that will keep you healthy, injury free, and on track to get you the results you want.

We currently are offering men's and women's small group workout groups to do just that, get results. The current members in these groups are seeing great results.  We would love to have you join us and do the same.

Contact Me to set up a consult to discuss further.

Stop waiting for the moons to align and pigs to fly.  There is no good time to get in shape. 

Start Now and get yourself BACK INTO POWER.