Most of what we think about fitness, is B.S.

I grew up in an age of he 8 minute ab infomercials and everything needing to be nonfat.

You don't need to do 1000 crunches and train for a marathon everyday, to get lean and be in shape.

Fitness is really simple, but not easy.

It's not easy because we all feel we deserve treats and rewards.

We all think we are too busy to workout, yet have time to look at Facebook and Netflix.

As a strength coach, who has trained pro athletes and adults for over a decade, completed an Ironman, and someone who has personally struggled with weight gain, proper nutrition, and following the correct path, I feel i have a lot of information and tactics to share with you, on how i believe we must live, in order to be fit.

Here is a list of some of the biggest myths about fitness:

1.  Crunches is way to 6 pack.

Yes, you need to do core work to lay the foundation of a stable base. 

No, it is not the way yo will get a six pack.  Flat abs has more to do with you daily exercise and nutrition. In the industry, we call this spot training. It doesn't work. The idea of spot training, is that if i workout a certain muscle or "spot", the fat will melt off of that area. News alert, side crunches wont get rid of your love handles.

2.  Endless cardio is the only way to lose weight.

As someone who lifts weights, and has trained and completed an Ironman, I have seen first hand both sides of the workout equation. The more you run, bike, and swim, the more i wanted to / had to eat.  Weight loss comes from daily workouts and proper nutrition plan.  

An example i like to use, is that if you went out for an hour run, you would burn calories while running for that your.  If you were to do an hour long resistance training session with weights, you would burn calories for that hour, plus another 2-3 hours after your workout.  

The damage done to muscles from weight training, requires your body to go into repair mode.  Repair mode uses calories. 

I advise to people trying to lose weight to lift weights 2-3 days / week, get on a good nutrition plan, and do light cardio (or hard cardio if you want) 2 days / week. The main thing is to keep moving and eat right.

3.  More Sweat more results.

This concept is very dangerous.  The search for more sweat can push people too far, and lead to injury. It can also deter you from training properly and sticking to your workout plan.  Some weight training plans require longer rest between sets.  

If you are chasing the sweat, you will shorten your rest breaks and not get proper recovery and / or results. When lifting heavy weights, sometimes a 3 minute break is required for your body to recycle the proper fuel used for the next set. 

This is where the term work smarter, not harder came from. 

That being said, i like to sweat, and i believe in working hard. It's just not always the answer.

4.  Eating fat, makes you fat.

Eating bacon and drinking whole milk, does not make you fat.  Your body needs fat to survive and function properly.  It is also the trigger to your brain to tell you body to stop eating.  As I was growing up, I was flooded with information about how bad fat is.  The food companies took it our of everything.  

But what did they replace it with?  Sugar, and weird fake oils.  Eating too much sugar and products that turn into sugar, shortly after ingesting them (white bread, pasta, etc) are what make you fat..... And not exercising. I eat bacon, hamburger and meat with fat in it.  It doesn't make me gain weight. Eating sugary treats and empty nutritional items like bread, pasta, and pastries, makes me gain weight.

5.  Static stretching increases flexibility.

It has been shown over and over again that long stretching does not increase flexibility, long term.  You must stretch and then activate the muscle, over and over again.  What is more beneficial, is to do strength training, and to do activation exercises, before you workout. This video below, will give you ideas on how to do activation. i recommend doing these pre workout and on training off days.

6.  Running is bad for your knees.

Running is not bad for your knees.  Having weak glutes, core, poor recovery, and being on a proper running plan is bad for your knees.  The runners of the world are a different breed.  They usually think of strength training as a bad thing, so they stay out of the gym.  "I don't want to bulk up" is something i hear from runners all the time.  If you run a lot, you wont bulk up, believe me, i have been there.  

There was no bulking up for me during my ironman training, haha.

What i did do though, was train my glutes, core, low back, and hips.  Your knees are like the red headed step child, that takes all the abuse, when you have a weak core and glutes.  The knees are not designed to stabilize all your body weight compounded when you strike the ground and take on 3 x more force.  That is the job of your glutes, hips, and ankles.  Ignore those body parts, and your knees will pay the price.

7.  There is a magic pill, supplement, workout or diet.

The path to fitness and health is paved with daily action and lifestyle changes.

It takes hard work,  daily habits, finding a tribe of like minded people, and consistency.

There is no other way around that. You can't undo years of abuse to your body in a month or two.  It is going to take some time. Nobody wants to hear that, so that's why marketers won't tell you that. 

Their message is buy this magic pill or diet fad and you will lose all that weight you gained from abusing your body for years, in 6 weeks.

We all know this is B.S. but for some reason, we want to believe it so much, that sometimes we buy in.  Then when it doesn't work, we say to ourselves, "Well, i guess there is no way i can get back into shape.  If this didn't work, i guess nothing will."

It's hard work, just like anything that is worth having in life. It is going to take time, change, new habits, new assosiations, leverage on yourself, and a deep understanding of your WHY.

We have all heard this time and time again, "whats you why" ?

You have to have a deep understanding of your why.  For me, my why is my wife and daughter.  And not just that, its that i want them to feel loved and have all the resources available to be successful.

When i say successful, i don't mean rich.  I don't define success in financial terms only.  I want them to feel successful in their relationships with themselves and others.  I want them to feel the freedom to follow their heart and have passion for things in life.  And have the courage and support to seek those things out.  

I use this as my WHY.  It is why i get out of be at 5 am everyday and get to work.  I workout, meditate, build my business, and take care of myself.  

I tell myself every morning, "If you don't get up and get to work on yourself and your business,


They will suffer the loss of my time and energy.  They will lose out on having a father and husband that shows up in full power and integrity everyday to give them all that i have.

See, I used to not do these things. I used to live out of integrity.  I would tell clients to workout consistently and eat right.  

Yet, I would half ass it.  

My life began to lose passion, purpose, and joy.  My marriage felt off and I always felt exhausted.  

Get out of the rut you are in. Stop being tired. Find a Deep Why, and stop stopping.


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