7 Reasons - You Should Be Strength Training


When it comes to overall fitness, fat loss, muscle gain, cardiac health, resistance training trumps all others. 


I'm not saying, "dont do cardio" I love cardio.  If you are limited for time and want the best bang for your buck, lifting weights is the way to go. 


Here are 7 Reasons Why I believe this.


1. Increased Bone Density


One of the biggest issues adults have is decreased bone mass. If you have strong bones, it helps protect you from serious injuries.  This is especially the case in post menopausal women, when bone density can be in decline.


2.  Increase Muscle Mass

This helps you look good and also function properly. Having a healthy body composition boosts metabolism. More muscle means you will burn more calories during the day to maintain that muscle mass.Ifyou enjoy being active, you need strength and muscles mass to perform better.


3. Injury Prevention


Have a strong core and lower back helps you feel good and be more injury resistant.  When our muscles and bones are strong, they facilitate better movement patterns and keep us stable and from pushing our joints into dangerous ranges of motion.


4. Fat Loss


When you lift weights it helps increase your BMR ( basil metabolic rate) for hours after wards. Traditional cardio only increases BMR while you are working out. This means that a 45 minute strength training session, can help you burn more calories through out the day.



5.  Increase in energy levels and confidence.


When you workout, it quiets the stresses that life can throw at us.

Lifting weights elevates your heart rate, gets the blood flowing, and has been clinically proven to increase mood and energy levels.  When you are taking care of your body, you start feeling better, physically and mentally. This brings on a sense of confidence in knowing that you are respecting yourself.



6.  Boost in Strength


Strength helps with all things in your daily life. Getting out of a chair, up a flight of stairs, carrying your kids, or the groceries.  Being strong helps you enjoy life to the fullest. When you are a strong it allows you to be confident and play with out being scared of injury.



7.    Improved Posture

In today's day, we all sit too much and look at a device for hours a day. This creates bad posture that in turn leads to increase in disease and injury.  If you are on a good strength training program, it will help alleviate any pain and tightness in your body..



All of our programs at Northcore involve Strength Training.

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