Eating healthy isn't a big secret.  Most people, if put to the test, could pick out a meals worth, a days worth, a weeks worth of healthy things to eat.

So the epidemic of unhealthy eating isn't about lack of knowledge. 

Its about poor planning, bad habits, lack of desire, and lack of action.

There are many quotes about action and knowledge. A few of my favorites are:


"To know and not to do is really not to know." Stephen R Covey

"knowledge without application, is like a book that is never read" Christopher Crawford

"knowledge isn't life changing. The application of knowledge is." Todd Stocker


Here are a couple reasons people fail to eat right.

Most of our actions are on autopilot.  We go through our days, acting almost on auto pilot. 

We eat and do the same things automatically because it saves us energy and time.  The less we have to think about something like food, the more time we have to focus on family and work.

Another reason people don't eat right is, we often eat way too much.  If its on our plate, we eat it.  At a young age we are taught to eat what is on your plate or what is in the house.  Don't waste food.

The foundation of your health plan can be changed, if you adjust your building blocks.

Environment ( Social Setting)

The people and places you surround yourself with.  Hang out with people that eat bad, drink a lot, don't exercise, and that is most likely what you will become.

What you have in your fridge and your pantry, is what you will eat.  And if you don't grocery shop, you will eat out.  It is very difficult to be healthy and eat out a lot.

Daily Habits ( Your Autopilot)

Adjusting what is normal and comfortable is key to changing your health.  Humans want to do what is familiar and comfortable.  It takes time, but if you slowly add in new habits, eventually it just becomes normal.

You will automatically avoid certain foods and restaurants gravitate to the whole foods and produce sections.

Here are a few ways to help change your nutrition habits.

1.  Prepare easy to eat foods ahead of time and make them accessible.

2.  Don't have social or work meetings at restaurants and bars.

3.  Don't do your grocery shopping when you are hungry.

4.  Use a meal plan or nutrition coach.

5.  keep sweets out of the house.  If they are there, you will probably eat them.

6.  Use addition instead of subtraction method. Start adding healthy greens and protein to your diet, instead of thinking about all the things you need to take out.

7.  Hang out with people that are also conscience of what they put in their body.


It is basic knowledge that you must eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, protein and limit sugar, white starches and saturated fat.

A good rule of thumb at any meal is to eat a fist sized portion of protein, 2 fists of vegetables and a teaspoon of healthy fat.

Use a variety of proteins and vegetables, to change up the nutrients and vitamins you receive daily.  

My challenge to you, is to pick one nutritional habit per week, and master it.  Then move on.

Don't try to change everything at once, it wont work.

Good luck on your journey to a healthier life, If you have any questions or comments, hit me up.