Twenty years ago, fitness was identified by how good you looked, with your shirt off.

It was all about having big biceps and washboard abs. 

This idea may work for single guys in their 20's, but is unrealistic for older married business men with families.

There is a new concept and definition of fitness that is arising.  

Today, for men in their 30's, 40's, and 50's, fitness isn't about being jacked or having single digit body fat percentage.  

Most college and pro athletes don't even have that.   

As we get older, the reality of having a perfect body, is ever dissipating. 

So instead of chasing an ideology of something you may never achieve, I have realized that there is a different method to be strong for life.

Fitness is something that serves expansion and longevity in your life. 


KEY #1



As a strength coach, who has worked with professional athletes,  for over a decade, I have seen the difference between training and exercising. 

There is a big difference in what happens to your body, when you train, for a specific outcome.  

The outcome is to prepare your body, for real life physical challenges. How many push ups and  pull ups can you do? Can you run a 5K without stopping? 

Setting benchmarks and goals to physical standards can help you compete against yourself, and stop worrying about how you compare to a male model.  

The only person you need to compare yourself to, is who you were yesterday. 

When you train like an athlete, you are on a specific plan that is working towards specific goals.

As a man that enjoys being active, wouldn't you rather be able to bike, hike, ski, golf,  and play with your kids etc. at the highest level you can, without injury. 

That to me is more worthwhile than if I have a six pack or huge biceps. 

If you are going into the gym with out a plan, you are simply just exercising. 

You can't randomly choose to do whatever feels good on any specific day. 

Not only will this produce sub par results, but it will leave you bored and burnout and set you up for injury.

Being on a specific structured program, will allow you to break through your barriers and allow you to have functional, useful strength that can be measured.  

A plan will ensure you are addressing your strengths and your weaknesses. 

You will be left with a body that is strong, mobile, and capable of excelling in your weekend hobbies  and better able to handle the stresses of daily life. 

Stop worrying about how you look in the mirror and focus on training for function, feeling, and athletic performance. 

I used to believe that if i didn't look like I belonged on the cover of a men's fitness magazine, then I wasn't in shape. 

Not only is super low body fat unrealistic for most men, it is also unnecessary for athleticism and health.  

KEY #2


Staying in shape is a way of life, a daily habit.  

You need to sweat everyday in some way.  

Even if it is for 10 minutes.  Fitness results come from creating new daily habits.

Hit singles everyday. 

Don't wait a month, a 3 months, or a year, then try to hit a home run with one big workout.

Some days will be lighter recovery days and some days you will feel awesome and want to push hard. 

Some days may just be a warm up, foam rolling and stretching. It must become a habit and way of life.  

Exercise releases stress, allows you to clear your mind, and it kick starts your day.  

When you workout in the morning, especially, it sets the stage for the rest of the day.  

You feel focused and empowered. 

You are ready to dominate the day, full of power and energy. 

Production increases and you are less likely to snap on people.  


KEY #3



The days of spending two hours working out are no longer a reality for most of us.   

It is also not a very smart plan to spend this much time abusing the body on a daily basis.  

You can spend 15 minutes warming up and doing mobility exercises, then get a good 30-40 minute workout in, and see amazing results.  

By using high intensity interval training, (HIIT) you can effectively gain muscle and cardio during the same workout, without putting hours and hours of abuse on your joints.   

Don't get me wrong, as a triathlete,I love doing long runs, swims, and bike rides.

 It is a place for me to mentally challenge myself.   

But this alone, can not prepare me physically, to the place I want to be.  

I must spend time in the gym working on my core and overall strength. 

I must also be very careful with how and when I train.   

Too much abuse may feel good at the time, but may shut you down for two days after. 

An effective recovery strategy is one of the most crucial aspects of a workout program.


Key #4


You need to listen to your body.  It will tell you when its time to take it easy.  

As we get more and more fit, we tend to want to push harder and harder.  

Sometimes the answer is to do less.  

If you don't let your body recovery, it will slowly break down and you will become injured. Injury side lines you.   

It causes you to drift, lose focus, and sometimes slip into depression.   

When we are so used to using our bodies to find power, when we lose that power, it is hard to stay motivated in all areas of life.  

Staying healthy is crucial to your success in all things.

There are different strategies to making sure you stay in the game.   

Techniques like foam rolling, massage, chiropractic, performing mobility and activation work, all play a role in your fitness routine.  

Choosing the proper exercises for your age and body are also a crucial part of staying in the fitness game.  

Not everyone has the same range of motion, limitations, and abilities.  


KEY #5  



Coaching allows us to grow faster by leveraging the guidance of someone with experience and perspective on your current situation.   

One of the biggest things adults need, is accountability.

When you are tired and burnt out, its easy to talk yourself out of working out.    

When you have an appointment and other people expecting you to show up, you show up.   

I hired a coach this year that works with me on my fitness, my business, and my personal life.    

I have had more growth and expansion this year than any other year, due to being held accountable.   

A coach can call you out on your BS stories, that are holding you back from growth and from breaking out of bad habits.   

We all have stories about why we can't get in shape.  

I'm too busy

It's my genetics

I can do it on my own

It's too expensive.  

But what is the cost,

If you don't start taking care of your body?  



How is your current lifestyle affecting your marriage, your job, your personal power?    

Making money and providing for your family financially, isn't your only role as a man.  

You need to be the leader of your family.    

A leader lives the way he preaches and leads by example.  

People follow your actions, not your words.    

One day few years ago, I looked in the mirror and didn't like what i saw. 

I had let the stress of work and providing financially for my family, trump my physical and mental health.

I found myself burnout, tired, and out of shape.  I was stressed and things began to fall apart for me in all areas of my life.

I asked myself, If I can't take care of myself, how can I take care of anyone else?   

How can I take care of my wife, my daughter, my clients?

In order to lead, I must be in power.    

Personal power starts with your body and your mind and extends into all areas of your life. 


I hope you can use these keys, to harness the power of your body, and


We all have enough time and resources to be healthy. 

We just have to commit to it, and 



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