How To Lose Weight

One of the questions and goals that most adults have is about weight loss.

Losing weight really isn't very complicated.  It involves nutrition and daily exercise.  

But the main component is you, and your ability to have control of your mind. Your mind controls your actions and your habits.  

Most people are looking for this magic formula or system that will cure them of their poor habits.

The reality though, is that no system or magic plan can work, unless your mind is ready to fully commit to doing the work.  

There are many tools to utilize too.  You need a support system, a plan of attach, and a deep enough desire to change.  

Change is a scary thing.  Change implies risk.  Risk of failure or ridicule. We are conditioned to reduce risk. Our brains try to minimize risk, so we resist change.  

The basics of weight loss come down to eating real food, controlling the calorie intake, and sweating daily somehow for 20-60 minutes.  

Seems too easy to be true. But it proves to be very difficult for most people to do.  

You have to have the ability to say NO. No in social situations. No to that voice in your head that says, its ok to do be lazy, its ok to eat this. Its ok, because you worked hard and deserve a reward.  

Why do we reward ourselves with things that are unhealthy for us?  Seems counter intuitive, but we all do it.

I'm sure it has a lot to do with our society and the messages we learned as kids.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  We can change.

Start by changing one bad habit per week.  Every week or two, add a new change.  After a few months, you will have completed changed the way you operate.

If you need or want help changing habits related to health and fitness, reach out and connect with me.