Its that time of year again.  The leaves are starting to turn, its dark when i wake up, and school is back in session.

This time of year signals to me that my schedule in the gym will change and that baseball and softball players will begin their push to get ready for next season.

During the off season, athletes should be doing two things.

1.  Skills training ; working on mechanics and technique

2. Increasing speed, strength, and power.

A lot of youth athletes are highly focussed on getting exposure, by going to every camp and tournament they can find.  Trying to get noticed by coaches and scouts.

Strength training is the one thing that will set an athlete apart from their peers.  It is what gets you noticed.  You need to stand out from the rest.

College coaches are looking for strong, fast,  and powerful kids, that look, move, and perform like they belong at the next level.

Yes you should go to tournaments to get exposure.  But make sure you do the work, so coaches will notice you.  

Hit with power that you developed all winter long, throw with more velocity, and stay on the field longer by reducing your risk of injury.

Its no surprise to me that most of the athletes we work with for a prolonged range of time, go on to play at the next level.  The kids that do the work learn excellent habits, gain confidence, and get noticed on the field.

If you haven't started your off season training program.  Now is a great time to switch gears and head into the fall with a program in place that will make you a better athlete.

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