Northcore Affiliates

BASE by Pros

    ▪    Educate athletes about sports and sportsmanship

    ▪    Eliminate barriers that prevent young athletes from playing sports

    ▪    Teach athletes the value of hard work on and off the playing field

    ▪    Increase the number of individuals who participate in sports

    ▪    Provide direction to athletes to get them to the highest level of competition as possible

    ▪    Build connections between professional athletes and upcoming athletes

Lillibridge Athletics 

Brent Lillibridge provides young athletes with training from the Major League level in Lillibridge Athletics.

Brent has spent 4 Years in Major League Baseball.  Drafted in 2005 as the 4th Round pick for the Pittsburgh Pirates, he has played in the MLB for the Atlanta Braves, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees.



Powerplay combines the benefits of both cold therapy and compression therapy to get optimized results for faster recovery.